Increase security & reduce congestion at the cargo hub   

The Vehicle Database empowers airport authorities, ground handlers and freight forwarders to manage and control which vehicles have access to the cargo zone. This enables streamlining traffic via fast lanes, increasing security levels and reducing congestion at the cargo hub.

Easy vehicle registration for controlled access

The Vehicle Database empowers you to streamline traffic for those with a legitimate interest to be at the cargo zone, and avoids the idling or passing of unwanted vehicles. Preliminary registration of licence plates enables easy management and control: in the app, ground handlers, freight forwarders and trucking companies easily request access, which is in turn approved by the authorized (on-premise) parties.

Optimal streamlining and control:

  • Seamless integration with the Slot Booking app grants automatic access in view of well defined timeframes

  • Registration of long-term or permanent access facilitates fast lane access

  • Integration with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) accelerates access control

A smooth digital flow

Your benefits

  • Streamline access control : when integrated with ANPR, permanent or long-term allowed vehicles get access through a fast lane

  • Increase security: manage and control which vehicles are entering the cargo hub

  • Eliminate congestion: reduce the number of vehicles in the cargo zone to the ones that have a legitimate reason to be there

  • Enable traffic guidance: vehicles that have a specific slot booked can be allowed just enough time before the slot on premise, or could be guided to a distant parking and called forward at the right time

  • Get visibility: on which vehicles are when at your cargo hub​

Seamless integration with Slot Booking

and ANPR

The Vehicle Database works fully integrated with the Slot Booking app, allowing the booker to indicate the license plate of the vehicle that will go on-premise for loading or unloading. Access to the cargo zone can thus be limited to a time window defined by booked slots, which reduces the number of vehicles in the zone to the ones that have a legitimate reason to be there.

The Vehicle Database also integrate with an ANPR camera system. This communication allows the automated access control system or the traffic guidance system to request if a vehicle has access to a certain area on airport.

How users are benefiting from this

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