Gain more insight in your cargo volumes


​​The Insights for Air Cargo app is a periscope that taps into existing cargo and flight dataflows and generates actionable insights. 

This application answers questions such as:

  • Where is the freight handled at your airport coming from?

  • How much of the local freight gets trucked away to other surrounding airports?

  • Do we see growth in the volumes of a specific commodity?


Using Insights for Air Cargo, information from Master Airway Bills (MAWBs) can easily re-used in other applications.


It collects all cargo manifest data, which creates insights on MAWB level in: 

  • freight volumes

  • routes (airport of loading/discharge and MAWB origin/destination)

  • IATA flight type (Freighter, Pax…)

  • Special handling code.

Based on the information above, different reports can be defined.

​"Using the Insights for Air Cargo app makes it possible for us to analyse freight routes in much more detail, using a wide range of parameters such as freight origin or final destination, commodities, airline, transport mode etc." 

Steven Polmans, Head of Cargo
Brussels Airport Company