Innovative approach to temperature-controlled

pharma logistics 

The Global Pharma Tracker (GPT) platform is the world's first data sharing platform for end-to-end tracking and monitoring of temperature-controlled pharma shipments. It integrates logistics, temperature and quality data from a fragmented supply chain into a single, real-time view. This gives shippers, carriers, ground handlers, airport authorities and forwarders the transparency and control they need to secure their pharma shipments across the supply chain.

From reactive to proactive cold chain management

The pharma supply chain is global and involves many partners (carriers, ground handlers, forwarders, airport authorities and cold chain service providers). With data sitting in silos detecting, examining and acting upon temperature excursions is time-consuming and costly. 

The GPT platform helps you answers questions like:

What caused the excursion?

Where did it happen?

Who is responsible

How can it be avoided? 

35 billion USD is annually lost to temperature excursions

End-to-end view

The Global Pharma Tracker Platform integrates logistics, temperature and quality data into a single view. Stakeholders can tap into the shared data and maximize its value in their internal processes.


Your benefits

A powerful platform

  • Registers all events and responsible parties

  • Only parties related to a shipment can see the data and only those parts that are shared with them

  • Unique overlay of temperature, quality and logistics information (MAWB, HAWB, IoT)

  • Leverages legacy systems and investments, taps into existing data

  • The data owner always stays in control of who sees which part of his data

Join the Early Adopter Program 

Following a succesful pilot, supported by Pharma.Aero and a user group of leading pharma shippers, handlers, airports and carriers (such as Pfizer, Brussels Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Brussels Airport, Changi Airport, DHL GLobal Forwarding), the Global Pharma Tracker platform will now be made available to other pharma actors who wish to gain full control of their pharma shipments and set the standard for global pharma logistics visibility.  


Join the early adopter programme and be the first to: 

 Have full control of your end to end pharma shipments

Gain better insights in your own processes, cargo & data streams

Faciliate cross-enterprise alignment and synchronization

Set the standard for global pharma logistics visibility

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