Eliminate paper-based delivery notes and streamline your pick-up process

With the Freight Management application you turn a traditionally paper-based, manualprocess into a digital flow that streamlines your pick-up process. Replacing paper-based delivery notes by digital release rights drives efficiency, visibility and security for ground handlers and forwarders.

A smooth digital process



Instead of sending and picking up release notes once a shipment is tallied, the process is turned into a smooth digital flow for ground handlers and forwarders:

Ground handler

  • Uploads information about tallied shipments in the CargoCloud

  • Digital release right is issued to the forwarder


  • Accepts release right or delegates it to another forwarder

  • Links release right to existing or newly booked slots via easy drag & drop functionality

Increasing efficiency, visibility & security 

The Freight Management application, powered by blockchain technology,

generates important benefits for all stakeholders:

Ground  Handler

  • Reduce paper-based administration: eliminate printing of delivery notes

  • Work more efficiently: prepare goods pro-actively at the gates

  • Visibility & security: know which forwarder will pick-up which shipment

Freight Forwarder

  • Increase efficiency: eliminate the physical pick-up of delivery notes

  • Keep the overview: know which goods are to be picked up

  • Improve security: eliminate fraud-sensitive transfer of documents


  • Visibility: if customs is connected to your CargoCloud, they will have immediate insight in which goods are being picked up

Integration with Slot Booking

for maximum efficiency

Freight forwarders using the Slot Booking app can easily link digital release rights to their booked slots. This gives them a clear overview of what will be picked when and ensures faster handling at the gates.

Data can be shared with other apps such as Insights for Air Cargo, Customs Export etc. to leverage one version of the truth.

Keep the overview

  • You keep a clear overview of all rights per MAWB, with details per release right

  • You keep track of all shipment statuses (e.g. partial delivery)

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