Eliminate waiting time

Using applications such as the Slot Booking app, you plan your pick-ups and deliveries in line with the ground handler’s availability. Your drivers no longer need to wait to access the gate, and also handling at the gate is accelerated. This frees up valuable time, allowing you to do more with the same resources.  

Make better use of staff and assets

Better planning and more efficient handling improves predictability of processing, which allows you to plan and do more in a day with the same amount of staff and assets. 

Reduce admin and paperwork 

Unified systems, smart data-sharing and paperless working avoid duplicate, error-prone data-input and facilitate and simplify your administration. 

Streamline communication with customs

Using the Customs Export app accelerates the export confirmation procedure by providing customs automatically with the required information. You will get clearance and recovery VAT faster - current implementations have seen VAT recovery time drop from 90 to 5 days. 

"The Slot Booking App has improved planning of resources and reduced waiting times in air cargo delivery and pick-up. DHL Global Forwarding is convinced this is a milestone providing transparency and improved handling process at cargo pick-up and delivery."

David Bellon, Airfreight Product Station Director
DHL Global Forwarding

30-60 minutes

is saved on average per pick-up and delivery at Brussels Airport's cargo hub since the introduction of the Slot Booking app

Recommended apps for you

Slot Booking

Eliminate waiting times at the ground handler's facilities, enjoy better service at the gates, and do more in a day thanks to predictable planning and execution.  

acceptance and delivery.png

Acceptance & Delivery

Keep all info regarding booked slots at your fingertips & register actions in real-time on your mobile device

freight mgt small.png

Freight Management

Replace paper-based delivery notes by digital release rights and eliminate the physical pick-up of delivery notes, be informed in real-time on which goods are to be picked up and eliminate fraud-sensitive transfer of documents.



Check and track cargo as it moves through your warehouse operations, from goods in to goods out, with digital data capture of all key milestones in your process. 

How other freight forwarders and trucking companies are benefiting from this

Brussels Airport's Cargo Community

eliminates waiting time and smoothens peaks and idle times at its ground handlers’ facilities using Nallian’s Slot Booking for Air Cargo

Brussels Airport

first to empower freight forwarders with Nallian’s new Acceptance & Delivery app

LACHS (Liege Airport Cargo Handling Services) 

increases productivity by 33% with Nallian’s Slot Booking for Air Cargo, reducing truck handling time from 3 to 2 hours. 

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