Platform and applications

A powerful open data-sharing platform

Nallian's Open Data Sharing Platform enables the different stakeholders in your air cargo community to share data so they can collaborate more efficiently. Instead of maintaining system-to-system communications with each actor individually, data will be centrally stored in the cloud. A company that is connected to the platform, can use the different applications and exchange relevant information with other players easily. Data is shared in a controlled manner, with every data-owner in control of who can see which part of his/her data.  

Key benefits

  • All stakeholders share a single version of the truth 

  • Increases transparency across processes 

  • Drives efficiency and performance 

  • Reduces paperwork and administration

  • Avoids duplicate, error-prone data-input  

A collaborative suite of applications

Nallian's Open Data Sharing Platform empowers a collaborative suite of applications. Apps are developed with, for and by air cargo communities to drive efficiency, transparency and productivity for all stakeholders. You can create your own ecosystem of applications on top of the platform by adding your own apps, leverage existing ones from the suite, or develop new ones.

Discover the apps


BRUcloud, the data sharing platform of Brussels Airport's cargo community based on Nallian's Open Data Sharing Platform, enables the different stakeholders of our air cargo supply chain to work more “integrated” and act as a network. We are continuoully adding more applications, so we can leverage the value of our shared data in as many processes as possible. 

Sara Van Gelder, Cargo Business Development Manager
Brussels Airport Company 

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