Keep all info on booked slots at your fingertips and register actions in real-time   

With the mobile Acceptance & Delivery app for forwarders, drivers have direct access to all info regarding the booked slots that are assigned to them. Throughout the pick up or delivery process, they can register all related information in real-time on their mobile device. This enables them to save time, reduce admin, eliminate fraud-sensitive handover of paper documents and improve process visibility.

The benefits

  • ​Operational parties (drivers) have easy access to information and are more involved 

  • Registration of  timestamps on key actions (ATA, ATU, ATD, …) eliminates discussions

  • Saves time: eliminates back and forth reception/warehouse/reception – all info is registered at the place of execution

  • Digital recording of damages and / or shortages facilitates communication with stakeholders and planification of follow-up

  • Digitization eliminates fraud-sensitive handover of paper documents 

  • All information is stored on the platform, which provides reliable insights in process execution and KPI's.  

How does it work?

With the app, the driver can 

  • See which booked slots are assigned to them and which MAWB’s they need to pick up

  • Consult all slot details, linked freight and documents regarding the freight handled during the slot

  • Register damages (with related picture) or shortages when handling freight

  • Register timestamps (time of arrival, start of (un)loading, time of departure) during the hand over process at the Ground Handling Agent

How users are benefiting from this

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport first to empower freight forwarders with Nallian’s new Acceptance & Delivery app

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